lateral program

Sewer lateral replacement program

  • This program is designed to reduce the infiltration of ground water into the sanitary sewer system by way of sub- standard home laterals.
  • The program includes : A FREE televised inspection of your sewer lateral to determine its condition and if it qualifies for the program.
  • The IHCD Board understands the homeowners cost associated with replacing a lateral and wants to help.


IHCD will pay up front 100% of the cost for the installation of the new house sewer so there is no immediate out of pocket expense to you. The homeowner is responsible for 25% of the total cost which is paid for by a low $30 a month increase in your monthly sewer bill until paid off. The 25% can be paid in one lump sum to the District to avoid the increase.

As you are aware, Infiltration has been a problem for IHCD as well as for many other sewer districts. The flow studies we have performed has shown that a good percentage of the infiltration is coming from substandard home connections. Replacing a home lateral that is in poor condition benefits both YOU and IHCD.